Thursday, March 12, 2009

My kids NEVER fuss

HA! HA! They are starting to want the same toy the other one is playing with. It doesn't matter what it is. The other day they were fighting over the laundry basket!

I'm getting there......

OK! OK! I need some help!!! As you can see it has been about 16 months since I have REALLY posted something on my blog and I'm having a memory freeze on what to do. (Kristen was sitting right beside me helping me and now I'm all alone!) I have messed with this for about 45 minutes now and I've gotten nowhere. Brad is going to be coming home and the boys will be waking up from there nap and supper is not ready!! All because I have been sitting here trying to figure this out. I can't post a picture----I promise I don't look the same as I do in our family picture.

So...continue staying tuned and I will work on it again soon.