Thursday, June 11, 2009

Clay Fite's Benefit Run

On May 30th Brad, myself, and the boys participated in a Fun Run for Clay Fite. Brad ran the 3 miles but I walked (and pushed the stroller). It was good to be with lots of our friends and family members of the Fite's. We had a good morning and was good to get out and exercise for a good cause. Brad ran the 3 miles in 29:39. (Not bad for someone who gets NO EXERCISE!!) The boys and I WALKED it in 51:11. We think of Clay and his family several times a day and hope for good days ahead.

Carson and Cody (Clay's 2 oldest brothers) got to hold the flag for the Star Spangle Banner.

Lesha and Brad after our 3 mile run/walk

DeeDee (Clay's mother) and Dana

Lesha and Heidi with Trevin, Trace, and Lily

Heidi, Justin, and Lily Pritchett

Dana and Joy taking care of the kids after the run