Thursday, June 11, 2009

Clay Fite's Benefit Run

On May 30th Brad, myself, and the boys participated in a Fun Run for Clay Fite. Brad ran the 3 miles but I walked (and pushed the stroller). It was good to be with lots of our friends and family members of the Fite's. We had a good morning and was good to get out and exercise for a good cause. Brad ran the 3 miles in 29:39. (Not bad for someone who gets NO EXERCISE!!) The boys and I WALKED it in 51:11. We think of Clay and his family several times a day and hope for good days ahead.

Carson and Cody (Clay's 2 oldest brothers) got to hold the flag for the Star Spangle Banner.

Lesha and Brad after our 3 mile run/walk

DeeDee (Clay's mother) and Dana

Lesha and Heidi with Trevin, Trace, and Lily

Heidi, Justin, and Lily Pritchett

Dana and Joy taking care of the kids after the run


Anonymous said...

So glad y'all could do it! What a worthy cause.

Mimi/Susan said...

This is terrible Lesha!! I quit looking at your blog because you, uh....never blogged! Today I am getting readey to clean up my own blog and decided to check yours one last time before I deleted it. What a surprise!! Please keep it up. It's the only way I see my relatives. You need to send out an email telling people that you are blogging again. And it really is better than FB which is superficial..a good way to skim the surface and learn the BIG things("I'm pregnant) and unimportant things("I busy") in people's life but miss the day to day living.

Lesha Coker said...

Susan, I'm glad that you didn't delete me from your page. I know I'm terrible about keeping it updated but I get so made because I can't download pictures. I don't think a blog is worth reading if you don't have pictures!!! I have about 300 pictures on my camara now that is waiting to be put on my computer. The problem is......I have a husband who HATES to problem solve computer problems and I don't know where to even begin!!!!! It makes for a pretty tense household sometimes!! Keep me on your page and I will try to do better. said...

Now you need to update again! :) I hadn't seen this entry though- it slipped through! I think I probably would have passed out after 1/8th of a mile.... ;)

Btw, I just realized your blog link is after Hank the Cowdog... isn't it??

Melita Stafford said...

Hey Lesha! I did some jumping from my friend Martha, to someone I don't know, Mimi/Susan and saw your name.... and thought i'd comment and say hello! In case you don't remember me, you and Brad came to Bakersfield(maybe 11 years ago??) to visit Shelly and I was one of the girls living with her at the time. Well do I remember the open can of sardines Brad left under our sink to remind us of y'all! ;) You and I had some teaching in common and laid out by the pool and chatted about life and love and things in general. So it's fun to see you've had TWINS! Congrats and enjoy! You can hop over to my blog to see my face in case you can't remember me... ;) and see what our family is up to these days. I turned my teaching "talents" to homeschooling and that pretty much keeps us busy!
Good luck with your downloading issues!