Thursday, March 12, 2009

My kids NEVER fuss

HA! HA! They are starting to want the same toy the other one is playing with. It doesn't matter what it is. The other day they were fighting over the laundry basket!


C & W said...

kids will be kids.

I love the overall by the way. I used to make sure Sherry's oldest boy had a pair for every age/size. Guess Barrett will be able to wear them now.

Michael and Adriana said...

This is too cute...and funny!! My boys do that same thing....they don't want something until they see that their brother has it...then they want it immediately! Your boys are so precious, and we are so glad to have y'all in our meeting!! I think the kids out-number the adults now!! Definitely makes for an entertaining Sunday morning meeting!! :) We need to get together for a play date at the park or something soon!

Kristen said...

ummm...update young lady?? Are you just sitting around eating Bon-Bon's, reading magazines all day?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember!! Our twins are boy-girl & just turned 35 on the 17th of May.......people used to tell me my kids fought a lot:( This brings back a lot of memories:)

Kathy,in AZ