Monday, May 4, 2009

In need of a stick horse

I'm embarrassed to admit but my boys love playing with the plunger. Before you panic and think what a gross mom I am I must add....IT'S NEVER HAD TO BE PUT TO USE!!!!!! Trevin got it out of the bathroom one day and started to pretend it was a stick horse. I think he is trying to tell me something----get the poor boys a stick horse!!! After Trevin was finished playing with it Trace thought it was quiet entertaining to drop it behind his head. Trevin would laugh and Trace would do it again.

Trevin riding his "stick horse".

"GO HORSEY GO!!" Or should I say "GO PLUNGER GO!!"

Trevin showing us that it really is clean.

Trace dropping it over his head!


Kristen said...

hey - I recognize that plunger!! I'd be willing to bet that as soon as the grandmothers see this post it'll be about 2.7 seconds until T&T have a stick horse on the way. :) That's what grandparents are for.

C & T Bishop Blog said...

YAY -- you're posting again!! :) Nice to see the boys...I was in East Texas last week, and missed seeing you all...but glad I could squeeze in a quick visit to see Kristen! :)

Sheila said...

Boys will be boys... we know about that! ha Glad to see your blog (Teresa told me about it!) You'll have to check out ours-