Monday, May 4, 2009

What are little boys made of?

What are little boys made of?
Frogs and snails, and puppy dogs tails,
That's what little boys are made of!

This nursery rhyme came to mind whenever I took these pictures. In East Texas we had BUGS and MORE BUGS!! In Granbury we have SNAILS--and MORE SNAILS!! Trevin likes to pull them off the wall and then take his finger and dig in the shell. GROSS!!! I really have never seen so many snails in my life. They cling to everything. It won't be long and the boys will probably be finding frogs and pulling puppy dog tails.

A snail moving VERY SLOWLY across our front rug after our big rain last week.

Snails hanging on to the fence outside our front door.

Trevin taking a "taste test" after he dug it out of its shell.

Trace and Trevin pulling snails off the brick.

Trace taking his turn. Notice his dirty hands---snail slime is dirty! YUCK!!!

Trevin taking his share of two!

This bunch are only here until the boys spot them!!

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Kristen said...

oh my goodness!! EWWW!!! Y'all can keep your slugs!! ;)